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For years embroidery, weaving, crewel work, crochet, dressmaking and needlepoint
were creative outlets for Mary Ellen Merrigan. Now she frames her life perspective
like a section of handmade chain. Each link, every day contributes to the whole.
Mary Ellen Merrigan forged a relationship with handmade chain more than five
years ago when she decided to make her own findings for her beaded necklaces. A
happy torch accident led to creative immersion with metal collage.
The pounding and forming of each chain link adds expression and intentionality to
her artistry. Her work indulges a metal mix of sterling silver and red brass. A
juxtaposition of wire, backplate, distinctive beads and stones like pyrite, rhodonite
or labradorite call her inner artist out for playful expression.
Mary Ellen built a career in the implausible world of selling air. Her years of
experience in the competitive world of broadcast advertising launched a consulting
practice that emphasized public relations and social media. Today she uses her
creativity to emphasize joy in the present moment

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