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Catalina Salinas

I grew up in La Paz, Bolivia.  High Mountains and indigenous cultures surrounded me during my childhood, and I grew fond of the bright colors and geometrical patterns in textiles called “Aguayos”.  For many years my home country has inspired my Artwork.  Private collectors in France and Peru became interested in my art and encouraged my participation at an event at the Peruvian Embassy in Bolivia in which a few contemporary artists were invited to donate a piece into the charity auction benefitting “Arte de Altura”.  This was quite an honor for me as it allowed me to exhibit with Ricardo Perez Alcala and Mamani Mamani, some of the most important representatives of Bolivian Art.


I am a self-taught artist.  My experimentation has been my path for learning.  This helped me to develop my own techniques, of which Ricardo Perez Alcala’s favorite is the continuous color gradation with the use of bright colors and squares that later transfer into spheres, creating optical illusions.

C Salinas.JPG
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