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I am a New Mexico artist. My work has been described as peaceful, atmospheric, vibrant, and expressive. I have always loved the act of making things and finding creative solutions. I enjoy learning new techniques and exploring how they can be folded into my creative life.

My best photographs usually capture peaceful moments and illuminate the details that were present. Paintings extend beyond observation into personal feelings and emotions and can be anything. This is the reason I enjoy painting so much. It gives me true freedom, flow, and self-expression. Jewelry allows me to share my photography, paintings, and digital art in a new way. I see them as tiny, wearable, packages of love.

I hope that viewing my art transports you and wearing my art delights you. May owning something that I have made help to empower you to be your true self and may you experience happiness each time you view or wear it. Contact me and view more of my artwork at:

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