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Amapola Gallery

205 Romero St., NW

Albuquerque, NM  87104

(505) 242-4311


Amapola Gallery is a cooperative gallery founded in 1980.  Its purpose is to provide a tasteful background in which to display and sell fine arts and crafts produced by local artists.

Application Process:

In order to apply for membership in the gallery we ask that you carefully read over all of the information provided here and make a determination on whether or not you are able to meet the obligations of being a member of a cooperative.

  •  Please complete the attached application and return it to the gallery.  You will be notified by   a gallery member when a jury date has been set, at that time you will be asked to bring a minimum of 5 pieces of the medium you would like to be considered for.  Please bring in work that shows the range of your abilities and is representative of the type, style and quality you would be displaying in the gallery if accepted.  Please also bring copies of photographs of your work so that we have a record if you are placed on the waiting list.  Your work will be viewed, discussed and voted on by the full members present at the jurying.

  •  If accepted you may be either invited to join the gallery as a Guest Member, if there is a suitable space available, or put on the wait list.  The wait list is used to fill vacancies within the gallery at the discretion of the Board, based on the types of spaces that become available, not based on the date an applicant was accepted on to the wait list. Upon entering the gallery as a Guest Member, you will be asked to pay $420.00 for your six-month membership and an additional $50.00 joining fee that goes towards the operation of the gallery

  • Guest members commit to a 6-month trial period with the gallery at the end of which their guest membership will be reviewed and voted upon by the Full members present at a general meeting.  The guest membership may be renewed for an additional 6 months.  The artist may be made a Full Member or their membership may be declined.  Full membership is approved on the basis of continued quality of artwork, an adequate supply for sales, cooperation involving duties in the gallery, and prompt payment of dues.

Gallery Operations and Member Obligations:

The gallery is administered by the entire membership of approximately 42 members overseen by an elected Executive Board made up of a 2 Co-Directors, a Treasurer, a secretary, and 5 curators. Members, in addition to their calendar duties, are expected to help out with extra work needed to keep the gallery functioning (administrative positions, special projects, demos, etc.).  These positions are Filled on a voluntary basis but are necessary to the smooth operation of the gallery.

The gallery space is maintained through the collection of dues from the membership which are currently $420.00 for a six-month period (Jan-June and July-Dec).  Dues are collected at the beginning of the six-month period, twice a year.  Dues pay the rent and utilities on the space.





Amapola Gallery receives a 12% commission on all sales ran through the gallery.  This portion of the gallery income goes towards the operating costs of the gallery such as advertising, supplies, open houses, space improvements, etc.  Checks for sales are issued to artists monthly with a statement itemizing sales

The gallery is open 7 days a week from 10 am to 5 pm. Because it is a cooperative gallery all members are required to work in the gallery.  A calendar is posted covering a period of approximately 5-6 weeks and each member must sign up for 2 work days on each calendar.  Two members will staff the gallery each day and are required to perform the housekeeping duties posted for the day on which they work.  If something happens and a full member is unable to work on their scheduled day a substitute may be hired for $50.00 per day.  Guest members need to contact a director to make arrangements if they are unable to work their scheduled days.

The gallery is divided up into display areas providing each paying membership an individual space for their work.  The display areas are roughly divided into wall, cube and enclosed spaces as determined by the curators.  A member will rotate his/her work from one display area to another during “curating” that occurs 4 times a year.  Members are expected to adapt to the variations in spaces as they rotate through the gallery.  Amapola provides insurance for liability on the property only.  Members who want their work insured must obtain coverage themselves.

Main Points:

  • Joining Fee:  $50.00 due upon joining the gallery

  • Initial Membership fee:  $420.00 for 6-months due upon joining the gallery

  • Guest membership period 6 months

  • Membership dues for all permanent members:  $420.00 for 6 months due Jan 1st and July 1st

  • All members, including guest members, must work 2 shifts during a calendar period of approximately 5-6 weeks

  • Guest members are expected to work all of their shifts during their first 6 months

  • Amapola Gallery takes a 12% commission on all sales

  • Checks for sales are issued each month

  • Jury results may either be:

    • Declined for membership

    • Accepted to wait list; there are no spaces currently available

    • Accepted an offered membership if there is an opening

Thank you for your interest in our gallery.  We look forward to meeting you.

If you have any questions, please call Amapola Gallery at (505) 242-4311.  Return completed application to Amapola Gallery at the above address or bring it in.


Please retain this cover letter for reference

Click PDF Button for application.

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